You can anonymously ask questions or provide suggestions for improving the PIJAC study by submitting comments via this Google Form: Responses will be posted below as soon as possible, so please check back shortly.

If anonymity isn’t necessary, you are welcome to email any of the study contacts listed on the Contact Us page.

Received 11/5/2021: “I mailed my samples on October 12th. I have not been able to access my results and instead keep getting the invalid ID or pin message on attempt to log in. I was very careful when filling out the paperwork and I am certain both sheets contain the same pin. I am unsure how to anonymously contact the lab to attempt to resolve this so that I can get my results.”

Reply 11/11/2021: “Please try again. We are processing samples and your report might be available now. If results are not posted or you are having difficulty with the login, please post your business ID and we can let you know the status of your report.” 

Received 11/19/2021: “What treatment do you suggest for bd in a Pyxicephalus adspersus?”

Reply 11/30/2021: “Dr. Allan Pessier at Washington State University recommends treating Pyxicephalus in a water bath with 0.005% itraconazole (5 min / day for 10 days).  The protocol is explained in the attached paper. We recommend following up with Dr. Pessier ( with additional questions; he is not affiliated with this project and can keep your identity confidential if desired.”

Received 11/23/2021: “I can not find a link on the web site to find out what my results are.”

Received 11/23/2021: “‘Your results will be made available to you via a website with your unique ID and PIN. (NOTE: Results may take 2-3 weeks).’ ‘a website’? I was anticipating ‘a website’ being an intuitively accessible page of THIS web site. I do not know if it would even be listed on the letters I’ve been sent so far, so I have not dug through the stack of letters I need to file at some point.”

Reply 11/30/2021: “The website for retrieving your results is: You will need to add your business (participant) ID number (which was included in the instructions we sent) and the 4-digit PIN that you created and sent to us when returning your samples. If you do not know your business ID or PIN, you can contact Josh Jones with PIJAC ( All correspondences with Josh are confidential and kept separate from the researchers.”