Shane Mauss is a comedian and science enthusiast with a science-based podcast series, Here We Are. Shane has partnered with the UT One Health Initiative and will be releasing episodes featuring the UT One Health Scholars. Episodes will be uploaded here as they become available. For more information about Shane and his work, visit www.shanemauss.com.

Horticultural Therapy: Dr. Derrick Stowell

Transdisciplinary Synthesis: Dr. Nina Fefferman

Sustainable Living: Dr. David Ader

Amphibians: Dr. Matt Gray

Nutrition: Dr. Hollie Raynor

Economics and One Health: Dr. Charles Sims

Influencing Environmental Norms: Dr. Adam Willcox

Backyard Chickens: Dr. Marcy Souza

Fungal Pathogens: Denita Hadziabdic-Guerry

Body Farm: Dr. Jennifer DeBruyn

Farming + Stress: Dr. Heather Sedges

Holiday Covid Update: Dr. Nina Fefferman

Biodiversity Loss: Dr. Deb Miller

Siding with Science: Dr. Nina Fefferman

Math + Coronavirus + Us: Dr. Nina Fefferman

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